Week 2 – Email Campaign

Our personal exemptions option, or personal choice to not vaccinate, is being threatened under Assembly Bill AB924.

Copy and paste this letter (and any endnotes) into an email to your legislators today! Don’t forget to add your name and address to the bottom.


Dear Legislator,

Pharmaceutical companies routinely engage in massive criminal behavior, and are thus ethically unsuitable providers of mandated medical products.

This graph shows only those fines greater than $100 million in the pharmaceutical industry.[1]


Do you think an industry that engages in billion dollar crimes might deliberately misled the public, the media, and doctors in order to further their private agenda?

Should anyone ever be required absolutely to take a product from an industry that routinely openly engages in criminal behavior?

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) removes any liability from manufacturers should a child sustain a vaccine injury or die. On February 22, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government.[2]

At the same time, the Federal government payout for vaccine injury and death total to date (1989 – February 2016) is $3.3 Billion.[3] The Cases pending as of February 2016:  2,332. These figures come through the VAERS system, a passive system,[4] which is thought to reflect 10 percent of actual injuries.

Should anyone be forced to take a product from an industry not liable for damage from its own products? If vaccine makers fail to stand behind their products, why should we accept them?

If corporations are in business to make money; if doctors can make mistakes; and if nobody is held accountable, then those in positions of power must send a clear message and must react with integrity.

Where there known risk to medical products such as vaccines, there must be choice. As a public servant, your role is to maintain choice for all. Removal of personal belief exemption to vaccines must be opposed.





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