Covid Education and Resources

To anyone who wants to be proactive and prepared, check out these resources



  • This is not an inclusive list, as more resources continue to become available. A REALLY GOOD SOURCE for news, articles, Covid treatment protocol, telemedicine services and current legislation. We, (Lon Kramer family) have gotten meds (HCQ and Azithromycin) from them 3 times since June of this year. They will only prescribe Ivermectin if ill and symptomatic.
  • The Doctor’s Office: The Doctor’s Office has 3 locations: Janesville, Darien and Brookfield. At this point, the Darien location has more consistent providers who will prescribe meds. If you are closer to the other locations, call and ask. These offices do not take insurance or any federal funding for health care. Should you need more advanced medical help, (ex. surgery, etc.), you would be referred elsewhere. Scripts are sent to Preckshot Compounding Pharmacy in Peoria, IL.
  • This is a link to a private Doc near Milwaukee who got fired due to Covid and now has a concierge practice. She is a critical care/ICU doc so has lot of experience. She also does Telemedicine visits for people needing prophylaxis, outpatient, and inpatient covid treatments.


  • This is an independent pharmacy in Thiensville Wisconsin near Kenosha that a nurse practitioner from AFLDS has been using. She said that they will also mail out prescriptions.
  • We have used this source with success several times, however at this point, it takes 45-48 days to get meds. You do not need a prescription!
  • Source from India. No script needed here, and it may take 4-5 weeks to arrive. You can get Ivermectin in 3 mg, 6mg and in 12 mg tablets in large amounts, as well as all other Covid protocol meds.
  • This is a subscription type of service and these are their fees:
  • To schedule a consult, you can choose from these options:
    • FULL MEMBERSHIP – $79/monthly Does not cover sick patients includes: -Preventative consult (needs monitoring or follow-ups) Unlimited follow-up appointments for general health needs.
      • It also includes lab orders as needed and all other prescriptions for any healthcare needs
      • Refills of prescription (Ivermectin and/ or Hydroxychloroquine)
      • Can request bulk order of each or both of Ivermectin and/ or Hydroxychloroquine for 3 months maximum if shipping by mail
      • Minimum of 3 months upon signing up before can make a cancellation request. -one time $15 registration fee first month
    • ONE TIME TELEHEALTH VISIT -$150, it’s a one-time visit that includes a consultation and a prescription for the Ivermectin that is good for one month supply.
      • They give you 10 pills (12mg strength) at $10/pill. Cost of Ivermectin is $50, Telehealth visit is $100.00.
  • – The link will only work on a smartphone or tablet (so borrow one if you must). Message them every 48 hours if you have not received a response.
  • – We did get a script for HCQ from their MD, but haven’t received it as of yet from pharmacy.

If you have a script, several other pharmacies in the states will fill your meds:

PLACE TO GET YOUR ALL-IN-ONE IMMUNE SUPPLEMENT: – (Two capsules/day contain Vitamin D3- 10,000 IU, Vitamin C- 1,600 mg, Quercetin- 1,000 mg and Zinc- 60mg). Lon and I both take Z-STACK, a convenient supplement that has everything you need to boost your immune system.